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UK's lead in physics healthy but insecure

The quantity and quality of scientific papers produced by UK physicists indicates that the UK remains in an elite group of nations contributing at the leading edge of physics research. New research published today, Tuesday 22 April, shows that, when the quality of the UK's scientific output is compared with that of its leading international competitor nations, the UK's lead in physics comes despite a lack of investment relative to other scientific disciplines, such as the life sciences.

Bath researcher scoops top neutron scattering prize

Dr Anita Zeidler (University of Bath) has been awarded the prestigious '2014 B.T.M. Willis Prize' for neutron scattering in recognition of her studies of a wide range of materials including water, and their interactions at the atomic and molecular level.

Big Data is Big Business

Big data is big business, with the British government estimating that it will have created 58,000 new jobs and added £216 billion to the UK economy by 2017. The UK has vast data sets that are open for public use, generated through world-class research activity and data-intensive public sector organisations. Research has shown that allowing unfettered access is likely to stimulate novel uses of the data, resulting in the emergence of many new companies selling new services.

Intelligent prosthetic liners could ease pain for lower limb amputees

Medical Research Council - Tue, 2014-04-15 12:03
A new device could help to relieve the pain and discomfort experienced by thousands of amputees as a result of poorly fitting replacement lower limbs.

Latest CERN experiment confirms existence of exotic particle

Scientists at CERN's Large Hadron Collider (LHC) have confirmed the existence of a new class of subatomic particles, exotic hadrons. A new measurement performed by the LHCb collaboration, one of the four large experiments at the LHC at CERN, has confirmed the existence of the exotic object labelled the Z(4430)-.

Pioneering study may help identify early signs of arthritis

UK Researchers believe findings could mean we can treat arthritis earlier and more effectively. A new research project should lead to earlier diagnosis and treatment of osteoarthritis by enabling doctors to identify the condition even before a patient shows any overt clinical symptoms.

Statement on stem cell research

Medical Research Council - Wed, 2014-04-09 12:03
Stem cell research is one of the most promising fields of biomedical research today.

Scientists regenerate immune organ in mice

Medical Research Council - Tue, 2014-04-08 12:03
Scientists have for the first time used regenerative medicine to fully restore a degenerated organ in a living animal, a discovery that could pave the way for future human therapies.

Two STFC Council members re-appointed

The Minister for Universities and Science, David Willetts MP, has re-appointed existing STFC Council members Professor Dame Julia Goodfellow and Mr Ian Taylor for additional terms. Both members will now serve with immediate effect until 31st March 2018.

Scientists begin Mars exploration 1 km under the UK

The newly launched research project European space exploration programme called MASE (Mars Analogues for Space Exploration) which will investigate how life adapts to Mars-like environments, such as the deep subsurface, was launched on Friday 4th April 2014 at the STFC Boulby Underground Laboratory.

Call for proposals for the Projects Research and Development scheme

STFC has announced a call for applications to the Projects Research and Development scheme (PRD). Applications should be submitted by the deadline of July 29th 2014 and will be reviewed at a meeting of the PPRP Panel on October 28/29 2014.

Shaping competitive advantage in the self-service world

Serco - Sun, 2014-04-06 23:00

Serco's Andrew MacDonald considers the new rules and tools that are adding...

Serco wins EUR 60m contract to extend IT Support Services to the European Parliament

Serco - Sun, 2014-04-06 23:00

Serco, the international service company, has been awarded a contract by...

Positive assessment of corporate renewal plan and update on 2014 outlook

Serco - Sun, 2014-04-06 23:00
Positive assessment of corporate renewal plan and update on 2014 outlook

Serco introduces new community gym with a lakeside view

Serco - Sun, 2014-04-06 23:00

The National Watersports Centre (NWSC) in Nottinghamshire, one of the UK's...

Serco NorthLink Ferries welcomes new look Hamnavoe back

Serco - Sun, 2014-04-06 23:00

Serco NorthLink Ferries is set to welcome the MV Hamnavoe back to service on Friday, 24 January 2014, complete with new livery.

Serco and Bromley Healthcare sign partnership agreement

Serco - Sun, 2014-04-06 23:00

Leading community healthcare providers Serco and Bromley Healthcare, an...

Serco signs two-year contract extension with Canadian Department of National Defence

Serco - Sun, 2014-04-06 23:00

Serco Group plc (Serco), the international service company, today...

Serco signs two-year contract extension for London cycle hire scheme

Serco - Sun, 2014-04-06 23:00

Serco Group plc (Serco), the international service company, today...

Serco secures extension to Australian detention services contract

Serco - Sun, 2014-04-06 23:00

Serco Group plc (Serco), the international service company, today...

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