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Serco Awarded $35 Million Fleet Management and Maintenance Services Contract

Serco - Sun, 2014-06-15 00:00

Serco Inc., a provider of professional, technology, and management...

Serco raises £53,000 for Marie Curie Cancer Care

Serco - Sun, 2014-06-15 00:00

Serco, together with the UK's Leisure Trusts, has raised over £53,000 for...

Update on South Yorkshire prisons

Serco - Sun, 2014-06-15 00:00

Serco Group plc (Serco), the international service company, notes the announcement today by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) that, for operational reasons, the...

Serco sponsors Community Civic Awards to find local hero

Serco - Sun, 2014-06-15 00:00

Serco is once again sponsoring the prestigious Community Civic Awards this year in an attempt to find the local community hero of Welwyn Hatfield.

Changes to Serco Senior Leadership

Serco - Sun, 2014-06-15 00:00

Serco today announces a change to its senior leadership.

Thumbs up for Suffolk's community hospitals

Serco - Sun, 2014-06-15 00:00

Serco today announces a change to its senior leadership.

Challenging market conditions; further progress on strategic positioning

Serco - Sun, 2014-06-15 00:00

Serco Group plc (Serco), the international service company, today issues...

Contract News Update 17

Serco - Sun, 2014-06-15 00:00

Smaller and medium-sized contract wins are fundamental to Serco's growth...

Serco recognised as leading provider of Customer Contact Centre services

Serco - Sun, 2014-06-15 00:00

Serco, the international service company, announced today that its...

File on 4 statement

Serco - Sun, 2014-06-15 00:00

Sharon Colclough, Serco Director of Community Services, said: "Over the...

Minister Turns Miner to See Cosmic Solution to Carbon Challenge

Energy Minister Michael Fallon today descended into STFC's Boulby Underground Laboratory - the UK's deep underground multi-disciplinary science facility housed in Britain's deepest mine - to witness a key milestone in the search for solutions to the problem of carbon emissions.

CERN experiment takes us one step closer to discovering where all the antimatter went

New research published today by researchers from CERN has brought us a step closer to understanding where all the antimatter has gone. This matter-antimatter asymmetry is one of the greatest challenges in physics and at this moment in time the universe seems to be composed entirely of matter - the only antimatter around is created by us at places like CERN.

Forthcoming Projects Peer Review Panel (PPRP) meeting

The next meeting of the Projects Peer Review Panel (PPRP) will take place in Seminar One Lecture Theatre at Cosener's House, Abbey Close, Abingdon, Oxfordshire,OX14 3JD on the 15th and 16th July 2014.

UK science community to benefit from major cloud computing and storage upgrade

STFC and NERC today (2 June 2014) celebrate the completion of a major upgrade to the JASMIN data analysis infrastructure that plays a key role in the assessment and evaluation of huge sets of environmental data produced by the UK scientific community.

Lasers Help Recreate Supernova Explosions In The Lab

Researchers have used STFC's Vulcan laser facility to recreate scaled supernova explosions and investigate one of the most energetic events in the Universe. Supernova explosions, triggered when the fuel within a star reignites or its core collapses, launch a detonation shock wave that sweeps through several light years of space from the exploding star in just a few hundred years. But not all such explosions are alike and some, such as Cassiopeia A which is 11,000 light years from the Earth, show

UK Scientists asked to identify future facility requirements.

May 30th 2014 - UK researchers from across a wide range of the physical and life sciences have until 16 June to provide their views on the future development of the country's large scale research facilities

Success for UK as British scientists share in astronomy prize

British scientists have scooped a prestigious million dollar international prize for their world-leading research in astronomy. The 2014 Shaw Prize in Astronomy recognises the achievements of two eminent scientists from the UK and another from the USA. It highlights the importance of their work over the last two decades in producing a tenfold increase in large-scale sky surveys.

Lasers provide a new way to analyse priceless art without damage

UK scientists, working on an international project to conserve precious works of art, have found a new way to analyse paintings without having to remove even a tiny speck of the paint to inspect the layers below.

MRC welcomes EU Commission’s response to One of Us campaign

Medical Research Council - Wed, 2014-05-28 13:00
The MRC has welcomed the EU Commission’s statement on the provisions of the current framework for funding stem cell research in Horizon 2020 in response to the ‘One of Us’ Citizens’ Initiative.

UK and China to bring together neutron expertise between STFC and the China Spallation Neutron Source

An agreement has been signed to promote collaboration between STFC's ISIS Neutron Source and the China Spallation Neutron Source (CSNS), part of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

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